January 21, 2012

Tintin ♥ Bumbum

 Tintin ♥ Bumbum

Hey,long time no see !!
how do you vacation? would have been nice!
okay, this time I want to tell you about my beloved pet
yeah, now I have 9 hamsters,2 Tintin and Bumbum,7 are their children
Actually I have them in the last 7 months ago
However, just lately they have children who are very funny !!
how lucky I am !!
Although tintin's body (white furry brown) is bigger than Bumbum's body
 However,they have a sincere love awkward

Bumbum: "Why you so annoying !!"

how exhausted i am --O--

Sorry I can't to show pictures of their children ^^V

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